Post TEDx: Coming off a ‘Honeymoon’?

How do you handle going from an extreme intellectual, emotional, or any kind of life high and go back to normal life. One moment you are listening to and having discussions with some of the most intellectual, inspiring and motivational people you’ve ever met. The next moment, you are back to your normal life. One moment you are having incredible fun with your friends. The next moment you are back to normal life. One moment you are in a world of excitement, the next moment back to boring life.

I love those extreme highs, but for some reason the following moments are boring, depressing lows. You realize that you miss friends, that you aren’t that accomplished; there are so many things in this world to fix. Anybody have any cures, descriptions of how hard they are hit, or discussions of how to deal with it.

Today I had the pleasure of spending 300 minutes listening to some of the best people around Penn State, and the world at TEDxPSU. Took a lot of work from many people, there were many worries around the event, but WOW. I would mention the great speakers, but they all were.

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