Monthly Beta

I 'waste' a lot of time doing various things. I probably start two to three projects per month, and get ideas for one or two every week. Some actually get code, some get hours of research, some get hours of thinking, and some have actually gotten money put into them. My main problem seems to be finishing things. I have quite a large amount of projects at 90% completion sitting around on my computer and in my head. With my epic fails in mind, I am trying a new thing.

Every month take an idea, and get it to 'release' version. Release will obviously mean different things, however the idea is to have something that can be demonstrated, a prototype or a proof of concept. Obviously I have a life, and a job so I can’t dedicate that much time to each project so unfortunately they will not all be done on the 1st of every month. I am aware of my failure at deadlines so trying to put in a little bit of a buffer. I started this out at the beginning of August, so I should have something ready right about now.

Stay tuned for project #1. Let me know if you want to help out by working on current projects, or taking a previous project finishing it and enhancing it. At some point I will get a webpage posted with finished projects and get some contributors.

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